We have professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, capable of solving and executing any need for the assembly of scaffolding as well as its engineering.

Human Resources

Our working team consists of about 250 workers and a job board of more than 200 workers.

Logistical Infraestructures

We have our own logistic means; from those necessary for the transport of material to those essential for loading, unloading and subsequent assembly and disassembly.

Industry and Shipbuilding

Industry and Shipbuilding are sectors where we have most been able to develop our activity. The requirements in these fields, together with the commitment, have made us a benchmark company in our sector.

Continuous improvement

Based on continuous improvement, and supported by our Quality Management System, we identify and analyze our procedure to achieve Total Quality.


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About Us

Montajes Sacekon is a company located in the heart of the Bay of Cádiz, that is an important reference in the naval and offshore industry of the south of Spain. Dedicated to the service of scaffolding in the Cadiz core, we now have global projection, reaching all sectors of the industry and our presence in other European countries such as Portugal and France is already a reality, as well as other international expansions in countries like Peru and Turkey.

In an increasingly globalised and competitive world, quality standards and a speedy and an efficient service are our company basis. Our working team consists of more than 250 qualified workers what allow us to perform our service any place and in a short period of time.

Our Materials

Montajes Sacekon bets for quality and guarentee of Layher, the world leading system for Scaffolding, and the only one with several approvals of “Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin” and with many other official approvals from different European institutions.

Our scaffolding material complies strictly with the requeriments of EN 12810, EN 12811 y EN 1004, and manufacturing, commercialization, design and study are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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Andamios Blitz

Speedyscaf System

Modern, fast and robust making it ideal for work on façades. Layher SpeedyScaf is, thanks to its versatile and well thought-out range of parts, equally economical to use in scaffolding construction and in professional trades. With just six basic elements and a few manual operations, this logically and safely erected scaffolding is very quick because it is assembled without bolts.

Andamios Allround

Allround Scaffolding

Allround system is a byword of modular scaffolding due to its pioneering technology in quality, safety, adaptability, speed and simplicity of assembly.

Positive connection Thanks to the ideal-for-site wedge locking principle. This means safe one-man assembly to whatever height is required. A blow with a hammer transforms the positive connection into an unbeatably firm and secure force-transmitting joint. Force-transmitting joint is the result of superior design: the end of the wedge head precisely matches the radius of the standard – so forces are introduced centrally into the standard over a wide area. Rapid assembly. The assembly of the system is self-explanatory. If required, you can insert tubular or U-ledgers to accommodate the system scaffolding decks: the stiffening effect of the latter means that longitudinal ledgers parallel to the deck are superfluous – a material and weight saving that brings additional assembly and transportation benefit…

Tribunas y Podios Móviles

Tribune and mobile podium

Robust, solid, long-life material for many uses in different places, even outdoors. The Layher system has specific certificates for the entertainment world. In addition, when using the Allround system as a supporting structure, all the certifications that it has are applicable.

Torres Móviles y de Montaje

Rolling Towers

Rolling towers offer individualised solutions for every tasks in the building trade and in industry task, both indoors and outdoors. Many assembly variants are possible with a few components, what reduces the need for stocks and cuts logistic costs.

Ssitemas de Cubrición

Cover System

We can offer two covering systems and protection for large spaces, the Keder canvas system, with lights up to 18.70 and the metallic sheet metal systems and Protect System with lights up to 37 meters.

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Services and Portfolio

Below we offer you a small portfolio where the most relevant works are collected in the different areas where we develop our work. Discover with us everything that we can offer it.


Shipbuilding is one of our company key pillars because it is the field where we started. Gas tankers, oil tankers, Ro Ro´s, ferries, big yachts and a wide variety of military vessels as BAM, frigates and patrol boats.


Montajes Sacekon has accumulated a wide experience on this field. The reason is the significant role in almost all the projects built on the offshore yard of Puerto Real, Cádiz. Oil platforms, gas extraction platforms, jackets or hanging bridges among others.

Petrochemical and Energy Plants

Montajes Sacekon has become a reference in the industrial plants field. These words are backgrounded bya long list of references like combined cycle plants, thermal power plants and refineries. Tanks, spheres, flares, cocker falseworks and hydrocraquing units are a few examples of the applications of Allround System.

Obra Civil
Civil Works

Civil construction is also one of our working fields. Bridges, viaducts and breakwater restorations. And also high load falseworks or scaffolding specialized in vertical works.

Systems for Shows and Cover

Montajes Sacekon can service your needs for structures for shows; stages, grandstand systems for sporting or musical events and covers for events.


Discover all our experience and Portfolio...

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Discover all the qualifications available to Montajes Sacekon.

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Quality, Safety and Environment

The commitment of Montajes Sacekon with Quality makes our work a continuous improvement.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Sustainability are essential values that guide our strategic decisions are incorporated into our management.

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The experience that we have been gathering over these years has led us to count on engineers and technicians who know the sector widely. For this reason, we have our own technical office able to solve any need that the client may have.

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Likewise, our engineering department relies on three basic pillars to develop their ideas and meet the objectives set. First of all, devise a design that satisfies and exceeds the client's expectations, counting on the flexibility and modularity that our materials offer us. Secondly, we work with a design that facilitates automation, which is achieved through specific calculation tools and CAD / CAM design. In this way we are able to foresee, detect and solve errors or inconveniences in assemblies long before or even to rethink on site. Finally, the study and previous design allows us to reduce the cost of materials and times, which allows us to be more competitive in the sector.

If you have any need or idea to carry out, do not hesitate and contact us.

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